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Project in Westboro


Project was designed in March 2008.

The project was started in May 2008 and completed within 5 days.


  • Interlock - Permacon's Bergerac

  • Wall stone - Roman Pisa

  • New Asphalt

  • Some plant material transplanted on site and some new

  • River wash stone and Natural cedar mulch

Project in Beaverbrook, Kanata


Project was designed in November 2009.

The project was started in April 2010 and completed in 6 days.


  • Interlock - Techo-Bloc's Blu 60mm Slate

  • Interlock border - Hera

  • Western Red Cedar

  • All new plant material from local Nursery

  • Natural Dark mulch

Project in the Barrhaven

Project was designed in September 2011.

The project was started in November 2011 and completed spring 2012.


  • Interlock - Techo-Bloc's Blu 60mm Slate 

  • Wall stone - Mini-Creta with York Cap

  • Natural Armour stone

  • Western Red Cedar

  • Most plant material tranplanted on site

  • River wash stone and Natural Dark mulch

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Gallery below show examples the design then finished product

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